Make Your Own Personalized Ceramic Mandala
Workshops & Retreats

Nancy Cannon offers you the opportunity to make your own ceramic mandala using her large selection of original Earth Images stamp molds.
WORKSHOPS -  This event needs about five hours from start to finish. This allows time for reading about various symbols, planning, and creating the mandala.  Nancy is able to travel with this workshop and can accommodate groups of up to twelve people at a time.

RETREATS - This event incorporates the added dimension of time to reflect and center in nature. While Nancy can also travel for this event, her eight wooded acres near Lake Huron provides an ideal space for this retreat. This is ideally a day long event.


SIde by side our hands work on our mandala circles
We are a group of women on a sacred mission
transforming the dull gray clay,
pressing animal forms into its soft flat surface,
miraculously creating height and depths,
sharp edges ad smooth planes,
that depict the stories within us.

by Marti Alston


A mandala is a circular geometric design that conveys the symbols of an individual's inner life, guiding values, and sources of inspiration.

Longchamps defines a mandala as an "integrated structure organized around a unified center." Carl Jung would say that "a mandala is the psychological expression of the totality of the self."

The word "mandala" comes from the Sanskrit language and literally means both circle and center. The circle is a powerful universal symbol for wholeness, and every religious system acknowledges one's innermost center.

So the mandala is an expression of both the center and the circle. It is the framework that forms the visual container for self expression.


Absolutely not! Nancy Cannon offers you the opportunity to make your own ceramic mandala using her large selection of original Earth Images stamp molds. The workshop is designed to meet you where you are in your confidence level. You can use the molds, your own designing ability or a combination of both.


The cost for each event will vary depending on your location and number of participants. To discuss your cost, email Nancy for an estimate. The fee will include materials, firings, and Nancy's time working on the mandalas before and after the event. Each mandala will be fired, stained individually by Nancy, and then fired again.


"I felt very refreshed and alive when I got home from the workshop. It was energizing. I feel like I am listening differently to the creatures and the earth than before I made my mandala." - Betsy

"The mandala-making workshop was a marvelous experience. It allowed me to find those images that have meaning to me and use them to decorate my mandala" - Cathy

"This is a great way to express your creativity and a wonderful way to map your spiritual journey." - Bill

"Nancy creates a welcoming and safe environment for everyone to be themselves and learn, explore and share their time together." - Mary Ann

"I would recommend this to anyone interested in treating themselves to a day of open-mindedness and fun." - Sue

Call or email now to discuss tailoring this event to your group's needs and desires.



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