Earth Images is a Michigan based hand-made ceramic tile business. Expressed through a medium brought forth from the earth, our goal is to bring a "piece of nature" into your home. Our raku tiles are made with bas-relief images of woodland creatures, herbs, insects, fruit, and wild animals. Earth Images raku tiles are sold individually and in mirrors, tables, or wall plaques.

"My art expresses the passion I feel for the earth and its many wondrous creatures. These creatures have a message for all of us. It is my hope that my art can help form a link between their message and our hearts. Native American teachings tell us that each creature is associated with a particular virtue or wisdom. If you are drawn to a particular creature, perhaps it offers you a special wisdom." -Nancy Cannon

Sample Tiles

The Raku Process

These tiles get their irridescent effect from an ancient Japanese firing process called Raku. During the process, the artist places the glazed piece into a very hot kiln. It remains in the kiln for anywhere from twenty minutes to one hour or until the glazed surface appears melted. While still red hot, the piece is removed from the kiln and put in a bed of sawdust which then bursts into flame. After it cools a bit, it is immersed in cool water.

When cooled, the piece is washed with steel wool to bring out the full brilliance of the surface color.

It is the unique nature of this process that results in flashes of copper luster for which the raku method is known. Because of the random nature of this technique each piece will be special and one of a kind.

Installation Samples

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