Make Your Own Ceramic Finger Labyrinth

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Nancy will prepare the clay before the class so that each person can begin the process with a 12" blank circular slab of clay.  We will make the labyrinths during the class with plenty of instruction and support from Nancy. Then she will take the labyrinths back to her studio to dry for several weeks. After an initial firing up to 1900 degrees, the labyrinths will be ready to glaze.  Nancy will glaze each labyrinth with the color of your choice and then re-fire them.  After hours of cooling, the labyrinths will be ready for delivery to you.

How long is the workshop?

This workshop fits well into a full afternoon slot of four or five hours. This allows ample time for an experiential meditation in the beginning, time for creating and time at the end for a sharing circle.

Where is the workshop?

Nancy's eight acres of woods near Lake Huron provide a lovely retreat like atmosphere for those who want to travel to Lexington, Michigan.  Nancy will also bring the workshop to your premises for an added mileage/travel fee.

How much does it cost?

The full cost for the class is $65 with a minimum of ten people. This amount reflects:

  • $45 for the class and finished product
  • $20 for the materials, electricity for two firings and Nancy's labor before and after the event.

A finger labyrinth is a meditative tool used to help one become still, focused, centered and prayerful.  Unlike a maze that has many entrances and many exits, the labyrinth has only one path that takes you to the center and back again, thereby reflecting the spiritual journey.  Using the labyrinth may enable you to listen to the 'Still Small Voice Within', reflect on where you are in your journey, or even find healing for your sorrows. While the labyrinth is an ancient tool used by many religious seekers, it is also used in modern day institutions such as hospitals and doctor's offices.  Let your fingers guide you through the labyrinth, and for an extra challenge, do so with your eyes closed or with your non-dominant hand.  


Most people find this to be a very peaceful and soothing experience that does not require any artistic experience.  It does require a little bit of patience, focus, and preferably not long fingernails (however we can work around that if necessary).  On the very very rare occasion that a labyrinth should 'die' in the kiln, you will be offered the choice of attending another event free of charge or receiving a labyrinth made by Nancy.

Contact Nancy at (preferred) or 810-359-2082

for more information or to schedule a workshop or retreat.

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